on 15th August, 2018. The Education Cabinet Secretary, Amb. Dr. Amina Mohamed held a press briefing at the Higher Education Loans Board Offices on Enhanced TVET Funding for FY 2018/19. She also stated that The government has reduced the annual cost of training from Ksh 92,000 to Ksh 56,420 per annum and has provided capitation of Ksh.30,000 per year per trainee in order to make TVET affordable. This means every student enrolled through KUCCPS will receive a goverment capitation of Ksh 30,000 per annum with the difference (Ksh 26420) being channeled from other sources including helb. Furthermore, Helb will disburse Kshs 40000 to every eligible student ith Ksh. 26,400 paid directly to TVET institutions for tuition and Ksh. 13,600 for trainee stipend paid to the student’s individual bank accounts. HELB is currently funding students in 74 TVET Institutions and is expected to progressively increase funding to TVET trainees in all the 203 TVET institutions across the country.The CS also directed all TVET institutions to implement the smart card solution during this Financial Year 2018/19 so as to effectively and efficiently manage these funds that have been invested in the TVET sector by the Government.

RVTTI will start implementing the smart card solution with all new applicants and subsequent applicants. Students are required to come and have their photos taken for the same

Full press release attached
Help Press Release on their Enhanced TVET Loans Program for Year 2018-2019