The Alcohol and drug abuse committee were priviledged to undergo a sensitization training on 17th-19th February 2021 at the RVTTI conference Hall. The training was officially opened by DP administration Madam Florah Mosop. In her opening remarks, she stated that the ADA problem is a major issue even with our children, staff and students. we all must come on board to support efforts towards An RVTTI free from ADA. She challenged training participants to use knowledge and skills learnt to make an Individual commitment to mitigate against increasing cases of ADA and drug addiction among staff and students.

Facilitators for the training included both internal and external facilitators. External facilitators included Dr Hosea Chumba of MTRH Mental Health Department who presented on wholesome wellness at workplace that includes physical, Emotional, spiritual, Social, Financial, Intellectual and Environmental wellness. These are key dimensions of a healthy and productive person.

The NACADA Regional Manager; Eunice Arubia. Observed that the problem of ADA is a very worrying concern especially given the manner in which these drugs are prepared, packaged, transported and their mode of administration. She advised learning institutions to be more creative and innovative in order to detect entry of drugs. She emphasized the importance of continuous sensitization and awareness creation on ADA as prevention is better than cure.

Marie Tarus and Beatrice Murgor of Rapha Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre took the team through treatment, rehabilitation, recovery and after care for persons with addiction disease. The following was highlighted; Drug addiction is a chronic and relapsing disease but is treatable through counselling, medication and skills training. Effective treatment addresses all the patients needs. Recovery is possible but is not easy as dependence as addiction affects brain function and behavior. Achieving complete abstinence is dependent on many factors that is, the patient, social/ family support etc. While the best practice requires that persons voluntarily get to treatment Centres, sometimes Coercion becomes an option in cases where the person is not in a good state of mind to make a decision to seek help.

The meeting was officially closed by  Management Representative, Mr. Lukuyu,  on behalf of the principal. Mr Lukuyu asserted that the training has equipped the participants to make them more attentive and responsive to the needs of persons in drug abuse, drug misuse or drug addiction.

Courtesy: Performance and Contracting office

Below are the Pictorials of the training: