Blank ICTHead of DepartmentOtieno Janet
Lectures in Auditing,PPM, Economics
Blank ICTLecturerCheruiyot Philip Kibet M
Technical Education-Business administration
Higher Diploma in Human Resource management
Lectures in Industrial labour Law, Labour and Industrial Relations,, Company law, Business Law, Elements of Law, Legal Aspects in Social Work
Blank ICTLecturerMargaret Jepkorir Murey
Technical Education Business- Supplies Option
Lectures in Supply chain management units,
Entrepreneurship, Management, Research Methods
Blank ICTLecturerHamelyn B.
M. Sc. Entrepreneurship
Lectures in Entrepreneurship and OAM
Blank ICTLecturerSerem Kenneth K.
B.Sc Economics and Statistics
Higher Diploma Human Resource Management,
Diploma in Technical Education -Business Administration Option.
Lectures in Management, Accounting, Economics, Human Resource and Resource Management
Blank ICTLecturerKangor J. Alice
B.A Community Development
Lectures in Community Development and Social Work
Blank ICTLecturerChristine Langat
Lectures in Sociology, Human Growth Development, Social Psychology
Blank ICTLecturerAgnes J. Rono
Phd. Entrepreneurship(ongoing), M.Sc Entrepreneurship
Lectures in entrepreneurship, Capacity Building and Empowerment
Blank ICTLecturerEsther M. N
Masters Finance Option
Diploma Technical Education,Business Management
Lectures in Accounting and Law

Blank ICTLecturerKomen M
B.Ed Arts
Lectures in management and Shorthand
Blank ICTLecturerA. K. Kiplimo
B.Ed Economics-Accounting Management Option
Lectures in Economics, Management, Resource Management, Development Economics
Blank ICTLecturerJeniffer Chemutai
Diploma in Technical Education Business Management Option
Lectures in Management, Communication Skills and Entrepreneurship
Blank ICTLecturerJoseah Kiplangat
M.Sc Finance
Barchelor of Business Management - Banking and Finance Option
Lectures in Public Procurement, Finance, Financial, Accounting,Marketing
Blank ICTLecturerKendi Lydia
Bachelor of Business Management Accounting Option
Diploma Technical Education
Lectures in accounting
Blank ICTLecturerSirucha Dinah N.
B.Ed Business Studies
Diploma Technical Education Secretarial Option
Lectures in OAM, Comm Skills and TPHRM
Blank ICTLecturer/ Industrial Attachment CoordinatoePriscillah Ngina Mutiso
B.Sc Counseling Psychology,
Diploma in Technical Education
Lectures in Community based organizations, Counseling psychology
Blank ICTLecturerNamwambali Roselyne N
B.Ed English Linguistics
Diploma in Technical Education
Lectures in Social Rehabilitation, Advocacy and Lobbying, Communication and Business Education.
Social work theory and Practice, Secretarial skills
Blank ICTLecturerM. K. Chelogoi
Bachelor of Business Management Accounting Option,
Diploma in Technical Education.
Lectures in Managerial Accounting,Cost Accounting, Quantitative methods,Business statistics
Blank ICTLecturerChesire Slyvanus
Diploma in Technical Education - Accounting Option
Lectures in Accounting
Blank ICTLecturerBaraza Mary
M.Ed Education Management Policy
Lectures in Business Studies.