We are proud to state that our Chief Principal, Dr Tarno was a panelist in the just councluded Commonwealth Association of Technical Universities and Polytechnics in Africa (CAPA) International conference held in Kigali, Rwanda. He featured in a Plenary discussion on Building partnership for the promotion for TVET for Innovation and entrepreneurship skills in Africa. The focus of the session was the discussion on how Africa can transform from being consumer to innovation and invention centers
Other than Dr Tarno, other members of the plenary discussion were Dr. James Gashumba, Vice Chancellor, Rwanda Polytechnic, Engineer Obafemi Omkungbe Director Yaba College of Technology Lagos and Mr Mvalo M Suzigika, Principal Lilogwe Technical College Malawi. The Session Chair was Prof. Gabriel Katana Ogola. Dr Tarno said that there is need to act on innovations rather than talking about innovations and its benefit.

The full session is available on our youtube channel through the link below
Building partnership to promote TVET in Innovation and entrepreneurship skills