The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Industry is among the rapidly growing and changing and expanding fields. Technology is developing rapidly and new devices and systems are constantly being created to provide faster and more efficient methods for information and communication technology. Careers in the ICT field are in high demand and the industry is expected to grow. Professionals in ICT careers may work in commercial service sectors and ICT companies.

Careers in information and communication technology fields include a variety of roles and tasks associated with planning, researching, installing and monitoring the performance of ICT systems and transmissions. ICT support technicians assist with planning and installing ICT hardware and systems and repair any damages or defects. ICT trainers develop training programs and user guides to assist customers and clients operate systems. ICT business and systems analysts evaluate and develop technology systems to help businesses run at optimal standards and ICT managers direct and oversee the operations and facilitation of ICT services in companies and organisations.

Applicants to the Department of ICT will be equipped with technical expertise in computer systems, hardware and networks, and therefore end up with exceptional problem solving and analytical abilities to diagnose and repair defects or malfunctions in systems. Individuals in the ICT field should have natural interest and capabilities with ICT programs and information computer systems. They should be able to grasp large amounts of information and be able to quickly learn and adapt to new technologies and advances in the field. Individuals wanting to get into the field should complete either a Diploma or a Certificate in Information Technology from RVTTI where they will gain hands-on experience.

Some of the Graduates from this Department work in the following areas:-

  • Assistant ICT Officers in Counties
  • Computer Support Specialist in Banks, Safaricom and Supermarkets
  • System Analyst
  • ICT Officers
  • Web Administrators
  • Systems and Network Administrators
  • ICT Technicians in Universities and Colleges
  • MIS Officers
  • ICT Officers in Huduma Centres
  • Among others…

The job market for graduates who understand the technical and human sides of information management is steadily growing. Your skills as an ICT major make you an attractive candidate across the board.

NB: Diploma Graduates from Both Information Science and Information Communication Technology can enrol for a one year KTTC Diploma in Education to Qualify as Computer studies Teachers in High Schools and Assistant Tutors in Technical institutions.

Graduates from information Systems work in Various Places such as:

  • Library Staff
  • Knowledge Management Officer
  • Records Management Assistant in Counties, Ministry of Lands, NHIF Among other sectors that handle records.