RVTTI e-learning Centre (also known as the RVTTI online campus) responds to capacity enhancement needs of staff and off-campus students.

E-learning centre solutions use open, distance and technology-mediated learning methodologies to provide increased access to RVTTI courses to all prospective students and staff.  It is ideal for those who come from far-flung areas or those who are too busy to attend lectures. A team of dedicated staff work to develop online course content and train staff on the delivery of the same.

In partnership with the Commonwealth of Learning, several staff have been able to undertake several online courses. RVTTI has also increasingly invested in setting up the infrastructure to support the integration of ICT in learning. Construction of a fully-fledged Virtual learning centre complete with state of the art equipment is underway. It will house the RVTTI online Campus

In the recent past, there has been an upsurge in enrollment of on-campus students and existing physical facilities cannot cope in the foreseeable future. The department of e-learning and external linkages was therefore established to solve the challenge.   It is tasked with generating innovative ways including student support systems to ensure that our students enjoy a learning platform that is not only convenient but also focused on quality teaching and learning.