Dr. Dinah Mwinzi. Permanent Secretary,
Technical Education.

It gives me great pleasure to join the entire Rift Valley Technical Training Institute (RVTTI) fraternity in congratulating the graduating class of 2017. Your success and achievements are as a result of support from the Ministry of Education, The industry, The Higher Education Loans Board (HELB), The County Government of Uasin Gishu, parents, siblings, spouses, friends, staff, fellow classmates and indeed many other well-wishers and stakeholders. Please join me in thanking all these who made sacrifices towards your success. Thank you all and know that your support has made tremendous impact to Kenya’s economy. I wish, at this early opportunity to reiterate our Governments’ commitment to education and especially Technical Vocational Education & Training (TVET) stating that its support will remain unwavering.

The role played by TVET, in imparting skills to our young people and contributing to the growth of our country cannot be overemphasized. Since its establishment, the TVET sector has consistently endeavored to meet the ever-changing industry dynamics, training young Kenyans and equipping them with technical and entrepreneurial skills necessary for our national development. The Jubilee Government recognizes the importance the TVET sector plays in the economy and its potential in meeting the national goals of education and most of all, in achieving Vision 2030 development aspirations.

Ladies and gentlemen, as we celebrate the achievements of our youth today, my call to them has always been that there are numerous opportunities out there, and there are infinite possibilities of what you could do with your kind of training, talent, diligence, passion and character. It is said that while chance and opportunity happens to all of us, it only favours a prepared mind.

You are going out at a very promising time. You must be part of the equation and take your rightful place in contributing to our national aspirations. I strongly encourage you to positively influence the people and resources around you. Capture the influence of a young mind and model it to innovate. Make sure you are of a remarkable impact to your community and above all inspire those that come after you.

The Government has heavily invested in TVET. Billions of tax payers’ money has been invested in massive projects and equipment in each of the 290 constituencies. I expect that these investments should not lie idle or worse go to waste. It must improve the quality of our TVET graduates and ultimately the quality of the lives of our people. Ladies and gentlemen, as we celebrate this 7th graduation, I would like to single out the institution’s transformation in the last several years. The Principal and the entire management of RVTTI have been exemplary.
I applaud your contributions to nation building. Courtesy of your efforts, TVET has had a global influence. Just last month, I was privileged to preside over the official opening of a training of Green Champions for the East, West and Southern Africa. It was ably hosted by RVTTI and I am sure this is part of the innovations we keep talking about in TVET. Many have been talking about TVET being dynamic but never taking bold steps to actually modernise it. RVTTI has led by example and this is very pleasing. It makes me even happier to note that these efforts have had a direct impact on our graduates. The State Department of Vocational and Technical Training, fully appreciates the selfless and transformational leadership from all stakeholders not only in RVTTI but across the country. I commend all TVET trainers for the splendid work you are doing.

All resources – financial, human and physical must be well harnessed for maximum benefits. This is the best way to re-engineer TVET for leadership and sustainable development. Education is key to personal, national and global development. The government will keep redesigning educational processes to achieve improvements in productivity. Delivering productivity and value is an undertaking of Government. This, we have and will continue doing. Appropriate policy and legal reforms are already in place. I will keep encouraging the public private partnerships as an impetus for growth and development in TVET.

As I conclude, I remind the graduates that a graduation ceremony is a most memorable event in one’s life. It is the beginning of the realization of ones purpose in life. During your time at RVTTI, you have gained the training that will enable you achieve a glorious purpose that I strongly believe God set you up for. You have also learned the principles of integrity, innovation, patriotism. I urge you to always seek wisdom from God as you make these principles a part of your daily lives.

I wish you every success in your future endeavors. Work diligently to make Kenya a developed country not just in your lifetime, but also due to your contributions as a skilled workforce.
Thank you and God bless you.