Dr. Tarno addressing the congregation during 7th RVTTI graduation

It is with great pleasure that I once again welcome you to RVTTI, and to this great celebration of success, the 7th graduation ceremony. You are all most welcome. A graduation ceremony is a special occasion; a time of celebration, of contemplating a new chapter and opening a door onto the world of work and all the joys and responsibilities that go with it.
Over the last year, the institution has not only continued to grow in size but also in reputation. Today a total of 837 students are graduating with diplomas in several technical engineering, sciences and business courses, two of which are with Higher National Diplomas. In addition, 286 and 174 students are graduating with craft and artisan certificates respectively. Among the artisan cohort is a special group who have been exclusively trained by RVTTI – the NTSA driving instructors based on the new drivers’ curriculum. Our graduation data also indicate that we are making great strides in our efforts to train and educate more female students and make RVTTI a truly equal opportunities institution in line with the National objectives of empowering the women. Further, the number of students seeking enrollment in our institution grows higher every year.
While there are significant challenges in managing the increasing numbers of students, the bigger number of graduands is a testimony to the role RVTTI plays in meeting the vast demand for technical training in the country and in helping to build a critical mass in human resource to meet the national development.
I am pleased to report that the RVTTI continues to make significant progress and is reforming and transforming itself with vision, passion and energy into an even higher quality, more relevant and sustainable institution. In the year, RVTTI has become the first learning institution to be awarded the ISO 2008:2015 certification. Also, RVTTI was privileged to be awarded sponsorship by UNEVOC to run a workshop for greening champions in TVET in Africa. The workshop was very successful and benefited and attended by among other African countries – Nigeria, Ghana, and Botswana. Creating and maintaining foundations of excellence in clean and green environment is a value that we cherish with a lot of pride. This theme was further promoted in the well-attended and successful 6th RVTTI International Conference on Sustainable Development that for the first time ran a competition on the best research paper presentation in Greening TVET. Further, in our quest to nurture research and innovation in our students, the conference also featured a competition for the best innovation by students learning in TVET institutions within the East African Community. Also, in addition to our continued yearly publication of Africa Journal of TVET (AfriTVET Journal) in both print and online versions, RVTTI became the first TVET institution to publish and launch a book authored by Dr Edwin Tarno with Prof. J Simiyu, Dr K Kitainge and A Rono entitled: Emerging Trends and Challenges in TVET in Sub-Saharan Africa, a book that has gained a lot of interest across Africa. This comprehensive reference resource mainly speaks to policy makers, management, educators and researchers in optimizing management and quality professional leadership in TVET institutions.

The story of RVTTI success is a story of God’s favor, and I am confident that the God who has continuously blessed the works of our hands and has brought us this far – will always guide us into all wisdom, good work and success. I want to pay a very special tribute to all our staff – teaching and support staff. You who don’t do your jobs for the money; we do it because it gives meaning to our lives – helping train and mould successive generations of young people from all over the Eastern Africa Region, and having been entrusted with their future is a privilege. I appreciate in equal measure our students who make RVTTI what it is and always carry our brand banner high. Well done for yet another successful year, we owe to God and to you all. My very special appreciation also goes to our Board of Management without whose governance role, which they take so seriously, and without whose valuable contributions, we definitely would not have achieved this much. I am grateful also to all our partners and collaborators for their support in training and attaching our students, and to our suppliers for providing prompt quality products and services. More gratitude goes to parents, guardians, and families of our graduands for their unfailing support and hard work. Your support – moral, emotional and financial – there is no better investment than giving your children the knowledge, skills and confidence to know that they are equipped to achieve anything in life as long as they choose that path. You have every right to be very proud and very happy.
To our graduands, gaining a good diploma requires not only ability and talent, but hard work, commitment and dedication. We are very proud of your successes. We are also proud that, like previous cohorts of RVTTI graduates, you will be going out across the world, taking with you the particular values of the brand ‘RVTTI’ and, we hope you will be applying them both inside and outside your work practice. However, we note that we are sending you out at a time when the world is abounding in progress but also embroiled in unprecedented conflicts. I challenge you to embrace challenges and get ahead of the changes that come with them. Find your purpose and take your share in shaping your new world because you are equipped to find your niche and make your contribution.
Become creators of the future and make the world a better place for all.
To our Chief Guest, Your honour, thank you for your presence here today to recognize and honour our students on their achievements. And thank you for allowing us to always count on your support and presence in our functions.
Thank you and God bless you all Dr. Edwin Tarno, HSC