26th of February 2021 marks one of the most remarkable days in the history of RVTTI. Rift Valley Technical Training Institute was humbled to host one of the most high-profile personas in the field of Diplomacy and International Relations, the High Commissioner of India to Kenya, His Excellency Dr. Virander Paul, along with his colleague in the profession, the head of Consular Services, High Commissioner of India Mr. Subhash Goel, and the Director, Industrial Linkage, Uasin Gishu County/RVTTI, Mr. Deepen A. Bhatt.

The guests were well received and taken round the institute, visiting several areas and departments in the compound including the RVTTI Virtual Learning Centre, Food Science Laboratory, The Library, Electrical Engineering Workshop, Automotive Engineering workshop and the Institute’s Auto-garage.

They were finally received for evening tea at the HDM guest reception lounge, alongside trainers and the management staff of RVTTI. The special buffet was prepared by a team of trainees belonging to the Hospitality and Dietetics Management department. The warm reception by trainees of the department and the tasty cuisine prepared by them was a clear indication that skill-based training was yielding dearer fruits as far as Education and Training in Kenya is concerned.

In his remarks, His Excellency the High Commissioner stated that he witnessed much of a similarity in training of trainees in RVTTI same as the training in Indian Institutes, and that skill-based training was gaining popularity compared to knowledge-based training. The current education system in Kenya is geared towards CBET (Competency Based Education and Training), a move that has been widely supported by both training bodies and employers as well. Professor David Some, the Chairman of the Board of Governors also reiterated the similarity between Kenyan Technical training Institutes and Indian Institutes of Technology. He supported the fact that capacity building has to be done to Vocational and Technical Training Institutes within, to be able to upscale the standards of training in Kenya.

Pointing to what automotive engineering students  have done, local assembly and fabrication has made it possible to come up with real working prototypes of motor vehicles and other agricultural power mechanics equipment, same to the local automobile manufacturing industries in India as remarked by the Principal RVTTI- Mr. Isaac Bwambok, upon remembering his experience in one of his excursions in Mumbai. This art of making locally manufactured equipment for use in the country promotes industrialization and a state self-sufficiency. This success traces back to skill-based training in our TVET institutions.

In Pictorials:

Arrival and welcoming of the High Commissioner of India to Kenya

The High Commissioner of India to Kenya Dr. Virander Paul, along side the Principal-RVTTI, Mr. Isaac Bwambok



From Right, Head of Consular Services Indian High Commissioner, Mr. Subhash Goel, H.E the High Commissioner (India-Kenya) Dr. Virander Paul with the HOD Automotive Engineering Mr. Hillary Bett, touring the Automotive Engineering workshop.



From left, Professor David Some-Board Chair-RVTTI, Mr. Deepen Bhatt – Director Industrial Linkages UG/RVTTI, H.E the High commissioner (India-Kenya) Dr. Virander Paul, the Principal -RVTTI Mr. Isaac Bwambok, the HOD Electrical & Electronic Engineering Dept. Madam Eunice Kuto, the D.P-Administration Madam Florah Mossop inspecting a wonderful piece of Technology in house hold automation



H.E the High Commissioner, Indian High commissioner Dr. Virander Paul addressing the management, staff and trainees of RVTTI, During a luncheon at the HDM guest reception lounge.


The Director, Industrial Linkages-UG/RVTTI, Mr. Deepen A. Bhatt addressing the management, staff and trainees of RVTTI


The Principal-RVTTI Mr. Isaac Bwambok addressing guests, and staff of RVTTI during a luncheon. Far left is the Head of Consular      services – Indian High Commission, Mr. Subhash Goel.