Disability Mainstreaming Training officially kicked off on 2nd February 2021 and ended on 3rd February 2021 at the RVTTI guest house. The training was attended by the Disability committee which are composed of members from the various departments and sections of RVTTI.

The training captured the following Key aspects of Disability Mainstreaming:-

  • Types of Disabilities
  • Enhancing easy access to products , ServicesĀ  and Facilities
  • Ways of Establishing a Disability Friendly Environment
  • Strategies and programs of effectively mainstreaming Disability at RVTTI
  • Conducting Disability Audits
  • Barriers to Effective implementation policy amongĀ other Key Areas
  • Accessibility:- Universal designs that accommodate not only persons with disability but for everyone

It was officially opened by Florah Mosop, the Deputy Principal Administration.