TVET Professionals led by Dr. Edwin Tarno, the principal of RVTTI have warned that Kenya is going the wrong direction in terms of education if Kenyan Universities continue to offer and issue certificate and Diploma courses which are supposed to be produced by Tertiary institutions. Citing the TVET act established in the Education act, Dr. Tarno said that the universities are supposed to offer degree and postgraduate degree courses while Technical institutions and other colleges were to offer Certificate and Diploma courses.

Adding to the voice, Professor Bonaventure Kerre of University of Eldoret cited that the certificates and Diplomas offered at the university are of poor quality and therefore the university should give these awards. He added that university should concentrate on knowledge creation, design and solving problems of society at higher levels. He also lamented as to why these certificate and diploma students do not secure employment due to little skills they gain from these Universities. Dr Tarno added that for Kenya to realise its vision 2030, the university shouldn’t be coming down but going up in order to create knowledge at the higher levels.

The TVET professional were attending the 6th RVTTI international Conference which is held annually. The conference was attended by the PS. Dr. Dinah Mwinzi, Principal Secretary – Vocational and Technical Training, Representatives from UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre as well as Researchers from all over the world including South Africa, Nigeria, Tanzania among other countries.

Video Courtesy: John Wanyama.