On the 28th and 29th January 2021, the national technical committee steering the national online and distance education met to discuss modalities of operationalizing the national Open Distance Learning in light of the COVID-19 preparedness response and also MTP 3 on ICT acceleration in education and training.

The team was warmly received and welcomed by the host principal Mr. Isaac Bwambok, the principal RVTTI. He gave his welcoming remarks and thanked his predecessor Dr. Edwin Tarno for the developments he left before moving to KTTC.

The national Chair of ODeL Dr. Edwin Tarno, who is also the Chief Principal KTTC sensitized the team on the need for ODeL training for trainers across the country, and that programmes are already in place too see institutionalized training of trainers on Open Distance Learning. This move will see that most, if not all technical training institutes embrace online education and training in their respective institutions to a substantive degree, being blended by thorough CBET approach to training. In his remarks, he said that KTTC is open to training of trainers on ODeL which will be cascaded into two modules. He further remarked on having a centralized Learning Management System (LMS) for all TVET institutions in the country, with the host server being located at KTTC, and mirrors situated at different regions within the country. Technology is being engineered to see the success of this service up and running, soonest possible.

In the company of the national chair ODeL, was the Director -TVET Mr. Tom Mulati who gave his remarks. The Director -TVET emphasized on managing change in reference to the inception of ODeL in TVET. He said that there are plans in place to sek for donor funding to support the ODeL programme and setting up of an e-library to facilitate the same.