img-20160715-wa0002-1This is a club that fosters inclusivity, tolerance and equity.The club became operational at the Rift Valley Technical Training Institute in September, 2014 when a special committee headed by Ruth Nalyanya was mandated to spearhead and initiate activities that promote national cohesion and national values.

To Create and Promote a Peaceful, United, Harmonious and Integrated RVTTI Community.

To develop and sustain activities and processes that alleviates all forms of negative ethnicity at RVTTI.
To promote diversity and inclusivity through awareness,capacity building, advocacy and development of relevant policies within the institution.

The RVTTI Chapter of the National Cohesion and National Values is expected to embrace and actualize all or as mandated by the National Agency as explained earlier in this document. This will be realized by pursuing the key objectives by:

Strengthening cohesion amongst the teaching staff, non-teaching staff and students.
Developing activities that address discrimination and negative ethnicity.
Sensitization of students and staff on negative ethnicity.

In order to achieve the envisaged mandate and objectives, the National Cohesion and National Values at the RVTTI is guided by the following key core values:

  1. Professionalism
  2. Integrity
  3. Inclusivity
  4. Affirmative action for gender, physically challenged and minority groups.

National Cohesion and National Values Committee Members

  1. Festus Kiprop (Non-teaching staff)
  2. James Kosgey (Patron)
  3. Janet Otieno (Lecturer)
  4. Juliet Wafula (Lecturer)
  5. Nahum Kotut (Lecturer)
  6. Ruth Nalyanya (Co-ordinator)