Agnes Rono

Agnes J Rono
HoD, Research and Development Department,
Coordinator, RVTTI International Conference,
Managing Editor AfriTVET Journal,
Managing Editor KJ-TVET Journal

The RVTTI Research and Development Section is headed by the Research and Development Coordinator. The current R&D Coordinator is Agnes Rono, a lecturer in the Business and Development Studies. Agnes holds a Master of Science Degree in Entrepreneurship from Moi University, Eldoret; a Bachelor of Education in English; a Higher National Diploma in Human Resource Management and a Diploma in Business Education from KTTC.
Agnes has been instrumental in initiating and establishing the publication of the Kenya Journal of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (KJ-TVET) ISSN 2227-5088 of which its inaugural issue was launched in March 2013, and Africa Journal of technical  & vocational and training(AfriTVET) which is available in both online (ISSN 2518-2722 ) and Print (ISSN 2413-984X). AfriTVET had its inaugural issue on May 2016.
The unit dons a team of researchers who form the R&D Committee drawn from the eight admitting departments who represent expertise in their different areas. Through its research activities, the institute contributes to the knowledge and information society, advances innovation and development, nurtures a critical citizenry with a culture of research excellence. The institute’s research output is growing steadily and RVTTI is responsible for close to 20 in accredited publications.



The membership of the R&D Committee consists of lecturers representing their admitting departments.