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The Registry office deals with four main sections of the institution. They include:-
– Registry
– Examinations
– Marketing/Outreach
– PC
Deals with admissions, registration, enrollment and keeping all records pertaining to students.
The registry is manned by two qualified registry clerks.
The section has a Deputy registrar whose role is to ensure advertisement of vacant posts, advertising of new courses, overseeing preparation of transcripts, letters of admissions and reports to the registrar.
Within the Deputy registrar’s office there’s a secretary whose main duty is to prepare the transcripts, do any student correspondences and other reports from the Registrar’s office.

Examination section mainly deals with registration of candidates for exams, providing examinations centres and dates, keeping exam records of all departments, communicating with examining agents on all exam matters e.g. KNEC AND KASNEB.
The examination section is headed by the Exams Officer and assisted by a Deputy Exam Officer. There is also a secretary who types examinations and report forms and any other correspondence which relates to examinations.
Enrolment Section
Enrolment lies above 5,000 students.
The main courses offered are at the following levels:
• Higher National Diploma
• Diploma
• Certificate
• Artisan
Other Duties
Apart from the student admissions and examination,the office also facilitates graduation functions, formulates training and promotional procedures and provides induction and orientation of non-teaching staff.