RVTTI emerged victorious detroning other academic giants to  the coveted COG Award in Education sector. Last year(2016) the institution was the first runners up and the persistent effort of the institution to be the best in the country.

The Institute of Certified Public Secretaries of Kenya (ICPSK) in year 2010 inaugurated an Award for excellence in governance, titled the “ICPSK Champions of Governance (COG) Award”. The Award which is now in its Eighth edition aims at recognizing institutions and individuals that exhibit the highest standards of practice of good governance. The Award aims at promoting practices in good governance in the following ways:-

  1. Recognition of practice and application of good governance in the both the public and private sector entities.
  2. Recognition of innovations in organizations that support good governance.
  3. Encouraging organizations to focus on enhancement of good governance.

Since the inauguration of this Award in 2010, the data collected from the assessment of the participants has been used to develop a governance index for Kenya the  Champions of Governance Index (CGI). The CGI is based on an analysis of data collected during the four years of the Champions of Governance Award (2010-2013)  and is a national performance indicator on governance based on the governance audit of various organizations in both public and private sectors.  The COG Award therefore provides a benchmark for organizations that pride themselves in upholding practices of good governance and recognize the value that good governance brings to their business.