RVTTI Presidential award team has just completed the fencing project of our sister college, Kipkabus Technical and Vocational College. The delegation was lead by Nahum Kotut took on the week long project at the institution. This is not the first time that PA has participated in improving the College as a few months ago they undertook the Greening of the college by Planting tree and plant seedlings and weeding the ones already in place.

Presidential Award was introduced in 1966 with Kenya’s first president the Late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta becoming its first Patron and chief trustee and has continuously grown over the succeeding presidents. The Award has over the years extended its reach impacting the lives of nearly half a million people Currently there are over 40000 young people participating in the Award in over 750 schools, Universities, Middle level Colleges, Youth groups, rehabilitation centres and open Award Centres across the country.

Presidential Award Project: Fencing KTVC

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