The team from RVTTI led by the school registrar Mr Too and Mr Rutto recorded stellar peformance reaching heights never attained in a long time as far as perfomance in annual TVET fairs is concerned. The team managed to get 6 projects obtaining coverted podium positions(1,2, & 3) out of a total of 15 projects. two further projects obtained position 5 in their respective categories. The fairs were hosted by the institution and took place in Iten. The following is a summary of the performance of the team

  1. Category Electrical and Electronics Position 1 and 2
  2. Category: ICT and Entrepreneurship: position 1,3 & 5
  3. Category: Food Beverage and Nutrition: Position 2
  4. Category: Agriculture :Position 3
  5. Category: Paper Presentation: Position 4 & 5