Two weeks after attendance of workshop or conference, members of staff are expected to submit brief reports. The objective of the report is to identify lessons/experiences for dissemination, share ideas and best practices and potential networks/partnerships to be pursued. The report should incorporate the following:

  • The Summary Statement – describe the workshop/conference attended (Where? When? Conference objectives? Target Audience? Conference organizers?)
  • The Workshop/ Conference Details describe the themes discussed:
  • Describe your expectations or objectives(s) in attending the workshop or conference.
  • Describe your overall reaction to the workshop or conference and whether your expectations or objective(s) were met.
  • Mention what aspect of the workshop or conference was of particular value to you.
  • List the Lessons learnt or conference outcomes
  • Attach additional documents like paper presented or PowerPoint presentations.


The report and accompanying documents should be submitted in electronic format to theĀ

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