IIn 1970’s VW Kombi was as far the most durable, capable van/pickup brand that had its wheels on Africa. Thousands and thousands of Kombi Vans carried the brick and mortar that built the nation in early days. Being a affordable dependable work horse, RVTTI, then (Rift Valley Technical and Trade School), had to have one. RVTTI’s 1970 VW Kombi pickup served may Kenyans who schooled in Rvtti’s in the 1970s and 1980s. Being a dependable German work horse, It has stood the test of time. Its this stubbornness to give in that gave it recognition and badge of honor. Finally, it was noticed by noticed by the PS and Administration as a possible candidate for Concours d’Elegance. The journey to restorattion has not been easy, but Alas! IT made It. special thanks go to Arvinder Reel (MD Toyota Kenya), Dr. Kevit Desai( PS VTT) , Dr Tarno( Chief Principal RVTTI), Mr Calvin Kibet(Manager, RVTTI Auto Garage),Mr  Obiero (Automech Department) and all those who played a role in restoring “Kombi”


The Dress down

The Dress up