Agriculture & Environmental Studies

Ondati Evans, HOD AES Department

Agriculture and Environmental Studies (AES)

The department Agriculture and Environmental sciences offers both CBET courses that run for one to three years. Currently we offer Agriculture Ext. Level 6, Dairy Farm Manager Level 5 and sustainable Agriculture and Rural development Level 5. We have also dualized two course where we train with industry. We have highly competent and qualified trainers. As a department we have income generating activities which are tree/Crop seedlings production, Black soldier fly(BSFL), Dairy production(Modern zero grazing Unit), Vegetable production and Biogas.) we have partnered with several farming industry in the North Rift. We welcome you to join the department for hands training. We assure you that the skills you gain we employ you.

1. Agriculture Extension Level 5
2. Agriculture Extension Level 6
3. Dairy farm manager Level 5
4. Sustainable Agriculture and Rural development Level 5
5. Sustainable Agriculture and Rural development Level 6

Evans Ondati (HoD)
Everlin Rutto
Elisha Maiyo
Alvin Kisumba
John Tarus
Duncan Kirong
Winnie Sigei
Grave Njoki
Viola Rotich
Eileen mukhua
Evans Omondi

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