Dean’s Office

Mr. Stephen Kemboi – Dean 


Madam Sirucha 


Mr. Stephen Kemboi - Dean

Welcome message;
It is my great pleasure to welcome you to this great institution of Rift Valley Technical Training Institute.
Congratulations for securing a chance to join this Institute.
The Office of the Dean of Students is dedicated to being a resource to students through support, advocacy, involvement, and accountability. With a goal of nurturing student success for all RVTTI students, we strive to foster a welcoming, inclusive and safe environment for learning and achievement in and out of the classroom while setting the standard of excellence in the delivery of services for students facing challenges to their success. We are honored to support you in your efforts.
the dean’s office has the following sections:
Guidance & counselling, Catering, Accomodation& House keeping, Health & Sanitation, Sports & Recreation, Student’s governance/Leadership, Alcohol,Drug & substance Abuse(ADA), HIV/AIDS SENSITIZATION.

The office therefore provides the listed services.

  • Guidance and Counseling services to students
  • Organization of student’s activities
  • Orientation of new students
  • Students Rights Advocacy
  • Registration of student’s organization.
  • Dissemination of information
  • Receiving letters and proposal
  • Management of students with disability support services.
Madam Sirucha- Deputy Dean

RVTTI as “An International Centre of Excellence in Technical Training and Research”, is at a pivotal stage in her guest to remain a Premier Technical Training Institute (TTI) in the East and Central Africa. We pride in continual improvement of our academic programmes guided by our Mission “To Train Competent and Innovative Manpower in Technical and Vocational Disciplines, to meet the Changing Needs of the Industry and Society”.
We work on the believe that a disciplined trainee has unlimited chances of excelling, and in the old adage that “work, work without play makes John a dull boy”. Our trainees have lived these beliefs to outshine their counterparts in various spheres of engagement, right from the core business (academics) to co-curricular activities. This engagement has helped us contain our eve-increasing number of trainee enrolment.
Apart from Sporting and Athletic activities, our trainees have been excelling in drama and Music, since we made our entry into the Theatrical World in 2018. Our students (Thespians) have got talent, and as a result, we have posted excellent results and won several Awards, Trophies and Shields, year-in year-out, at both Regional and National levels. Just to mention one example, in the 2023 Regional Drama Festivals, RVTTI was ranked the Most Prolific Institution in the North Rift. Some of our trainees have also won individual trophies because of their
sterling performance. We are keen to nurture talent, and have sponsored some students to record their music items, which they have taken to another level. We are looking forward to venturing into film items come next year, 2024.
The level at which RVTTI is has placed it on both National and International radar. RVTTI has become a training hub for both government and private organizations, hosting high-level seminars and workshops, KSTVET Training Programmes, Wedding Receptions, etc. The Serene
environment, hospitable staff coupled with excellent catering services, offered by our own trainees, have left our visitors wishing to make return visits.
High level of students’ discipline is what defines us. Trainer-trainee relationship is top-notch.
This in return has impacted on student success and contributed to making RVTTI a most coveted TVET Institution of choice in the Region and beyond. We welcome our partners, present and potential, and all people of goodwill to walk the journey with us as we reengineer training and learning in RVTTI to help solve societal issues, the technical way. Think of a TVET Institution
with wholesome trainee-development, think R…V…T.T.I.

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